14 Years Old Boy With Cerebral Palsy is the Britain’s New Hero (video)

A fourteen Years old  Jack Carroll inspired and touched the heart of thousands of Britons  in his unforgettable performance in Britain’s Got Talent 2013.

Jack Carroll diagnosed to have a cerebral palsy, A condition that cause physical disability in human development, mainly in the vital  areas of body movement, joined the 2013 Britain’s Got talent and show the world what he can do. Watch his performance at the bottom of this post

Although he cannot stand straight by himself literally, the 14 years old boy standing tall and heads up high with his heart touching, jaw breaking , funny stand up comedy routine   perfomance in front of Simon Cowell and other  BGT 2013 judges.

britain got talent jack Carroll

He introduce himself with his comedy style  as a Harry Potter after a a nasty quid ditch accident.

After the finished in his performance, Jack Received a standing ovation from the crowd and 4 big yeses from the judges that made him in the next round.

“A lot of times in comedy, your weaknesses are your strengths,” the new Britain’s hero  explained backstage, adding that his other strength was to bring joy to the world.”