Charice Pempengco Picture With Her Girlfriend Goes Viral

Controvercial picture of Charice Pempengco with her girlfriend goes viral online

Last week, we featured about the new haircut of Charice Pempengco, now the sensational Pinoy pride singing star comes out with another controversy.


A picture of Youtube sensation charice pempengco , wearing green polo shirt, with an unidentified girlfriend  in yellow dress was circulating all over the internet rampantly.   As of this posting , we still don’t know about the relationship of the girl to Charice. We don’t have an idea if the girl is  a friend, lover, or relative to our singing champion. What we can assure is that the two is close to each other. Way very close. You decide

The Pinoy Youtube sensation, who once featured in the The Ellen DeGeneres Show was seen slowly transforming into a masculine look.  Is this a sign that our beloved charice and idols of thousands of singing aspirants will turned down her girly side?

What ever it is, we encourage people and netizens to respect charice about her decision.