The Life Of Lenny Cooke the Movie (video)

Lenny Cooke is one of the best ballers in high school basketball history.  In his time, he  ranked above future greats LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony.  So where is he now? Read more about the Life of Lenny Cooke here (video)

The man who could have been better than today’s basketball stars like Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James, Lenny Cooke’s basketball career goes in opposite direction.

Back in his high school days, while dominating the hoops world,  Lenny Cooke  is considered to be the future of the National Basketball Association. He was a gifted outside shooter, great scorer and an all around basketball star. He joined the  2001 ABCD basketball camp with an MVP honor. For  several NBA talent scouts ” Lenny Cooke is the man to watch” he is the top prospect in lined in the  future NBA draft.


According to New York Knicks Star Carmelo Anthony,  looking back Cooke was  the player everyone in the camp admired. He played like the number one prospect in the country and a guy destined for inevitable super stardom; he went as far to refer to him as “kind of like Magic.”

 In ABCD basketball camp 2001 championship match, Team Lebron James  go against Team Lenny Cooke in the finals. It was the battle of the top most gifted baller  and the best high school basketball players in the US.  The match up was the most anticipated match up at that time. Lenny Cooked showed his basketball skills  with his crossover moves and sharp shooting skills over Lebron James few times in that game. Lebron James responded by playing better, shooting better, passing better and defending better. In the dying minutes of that match, Team Lenny Cooke is ahead by two points when Lebron James nailed a buzzer beater 3 pointer that  seal the game.

The result of the game made a big impact for the basketball career of the two.

After the game, in 2002, Lenny Cooke decided to go pro without playing  any single basketball game in his senior years, unfortunately, the basketball genius was unselected in the draft.

On the other hand , Lebron James is now living in a stardom and basketball highlights with 2 NBA season MVP awards.

Watch the life of Lenny Cooke the Movie produced by Joakim Noah official trailer (documentary)