New Evidence That Will Prove that Mermaids are Real

Mermaids researchers found out more new evidences that will testify the existence of the mythological sea creatures. Watch the complete video evidence that will prove that mermaids are  real.

After a discovery of a  dead body of 6 foot inches alien in Chile, South America  and the Real life fairy found dead in the garden that shocked thousands of people.  Scientists and   researchers revealed a new found evidence that will turn myth into a reality . Animal planet disclosed the truth  behind the magical humanoid female oceanic creatures, the Mermaids.

The idea that mermaids are real started when researchers found a set of cave paintings of a half human half fish  more than 30 thousands years ago  in late Paleolithic (Stone Age) when man started to travel the world by means of ships and was able to sail  the oceans.

International channel,  Animal Planet featured the Mermaid expert Dr. Paul Robertsons  and his researches about the real deal about the Mermaids.


According to the Weekly World news,  “The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reportedly confirmed that mermaids exist and that they are growing in numbers”

Several of evidence has been found  that will prove the specie of  Disney fictional character ” Ariel” are real. This includes the aquatic ape tape theory, the Footage captured in Israel, the  UK coastguards video , Barnum’s photograph of real mermaid , the remains of the dead mermaid and lastly the oil reserve underwater researcher’s video  about the blue glowing creatures that was caught on tape on March 6 2013 in South Africa.

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